Knowing when to plant, and what to plant in the Florida climate,

can either make or break your landscaping design ideas.

The Gardening Calendars gives Florida gardeners a monthly guide for what to plant and do in their gardens

and includes links to useful gardening websites, all based on University of Florida research and expertise. 

The South Florida edition of the calendar provides specific tips for the Pinellas county area climate zone.

The calendars are presented in a pdf format.

South Florida

January (pdf) * February (pdf) * March (pdf) * April (pdf) * May (pdf) * June (pdf) * July (pdf)

August (pdf) * September (pdf) * October (pdf) * November (pdf) * December (pdf)

Plants & Grasses

​Whether you're looking for colorful flowers, choosing a lawngrass, or adding a tree to your landscape,   this section can help you find information about plants that are common in Florida yards.

Choosing Plants * Annuals & Perennials * Aquatic Plants * Carnivorous Plants * Flowering PlantsFruits, Vegetables & Herbs * Groundcovers & Lawngrasses * Houseplants * Invasive Species *

Native Plants * Plants to Avoid * Trees, Shrubs & Vines * Weeds


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