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Helpful Advice

Helpful Advice

​   Getting Started with Gardening

       Florida's unique features--such as sandy soil, numerous insects and other pests, and four different growing                             zones can make gardening a challenge for new residents and first-time gardeners. 

                                  These topic links cover the information you need to get started with your Florida garden:

    ​​Gardening BasicsChoosing Plants * Demonstrations * Garden DesignsMaintenance 

    Problems *  Seeds & Propagation  * Specific Growing Zones * Types of Gardens

Yard Maintenance & Care

​In Florida, keeping your yard in good shape can be a challenge. Make your work more effective by choosing suitable plants and providing appropriate care. The results will be stunning.

Check out these topic links  for Florida-specific information about caring for your lawn and garden.

Garden Plant Care * Garden Soil & Fertilizer * Indoor Plant Care * Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn Maintenance * Problems * Watering & Irrigation