Cypress Lawns Plus
Price Plans

  Our Regularly scheduled service are available weekly or biweekly throughout the growing season (about 7-9 months     of the year, depending on the weather)Different schedules are available for winter months (about 3 months each year)

  Billing Rate:
  A monthly billing rate (rather than a per-service rate) means roughly 40-42 service dates per year; that's usually    weekly in the warm months and bi-weekly in the cooler months. It's averaged out over the 12 months to come up with a  same-price-per-month rate.Special projects are done by appointment onlyRegularly scheduled customers have        priority over scheduling of special projects.

  Note: If you want your lawn cut "on demand", we will have to fit you into our regular weekly schedule and may not       be able to do it on very short notice. The schedules are made up each Sunday for the entire week. Be sure to                         call early to get on the schedule.

                                             Pay with your Credit card here!
If you would rather pay your bill online you can pay with Mastercard, Visa, or Paypal. Ask you customer Service Agent or Lawn Technician what your monthly bill rate is, and select from the available amounts or select your current maintenance plan from the list.